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About Me

Haley Zelenka is a Gulf Coast native and a lawyer who is committed to giving back to her community in both her professional and personal capacities. Zelenka has been a healthcare attorney in Gulfport, Mississippi, her home state, for the majority of her career.

She has used her expertise in legal research, litigation, and legal writing to great effect throughout her career. In addition to her professional accomplishments, she has also written a book about her personal health journey.

The Legal Career and Public Service of Haley Zelenka

Zelenka devotes the majority of her time to providing legal advice and expertise in the healthcare industry because of her dedication to public service. She also devotes a significant portion of her spare time to pro bono work in the field of family law. Many of the high-profile family law cases she has worked on have been extremely complex.

Zelenka is deeply committed to the cause of children's rights, as well as the defense of the general public's interests and constitutional liberties. While working for an adoption agency, Zelenka kept in touch with many of the families and children she had previously worked with.

Haley Zelenka's healthcare legal career highlights include the following:

Memorial Hospital at Gulfport in Gulfport, Mississippi, has employed her as a vice president general counsel and an assistant vice president of legal affairs.

Zelenka currently serves as vice president and general counsel at Memorial Hospital in Gulfport. Because of her position, she is responsible for ensuring that HIPAA and corporate compliance regulations are being followed. Her responsibilities extend to managing contracts.

Legal advice on various operational issues is also provided by Zelenka to the administrative team. Those areas include recurring contracts, interpretations of employee labor laws, and other operational issues.

She was a staff attorney for Mississippi's Eighth Chancery Court District.

Boyce Holleman & Associates was where she worked as an attorney.

A Promising Academic Record

Haley Zelenka decided to stay close to home when deciding where to attend college or university. She earned her bachelor's and law degree in Mississippi, where she grew up. A B.S. in English from Mississippi State University was all she needed to land a job as an English teacher.

When she started her postgraduate studies, she had a solid foundation because law students read and write a lot and require excellent writing skills.